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No tax returns required, 12 month personal bank statements, 24 month business bank statements
Loans up to $3 million, Credit scores down to 580, Rates starting in the low 4’s, Up to 90% LTV on Personal and Business , DTI up to 50% considered
Owner-occupied, 2nd homes and Investment Properties
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The 19 things you need to know
for the Self Employed Loan!

Self Employed Mortgage Loan Report

Buying a Home?

Needing a self employed mortgage loan? So if you are a first time home buyer  or considering buying a 2nd home, vacation home, etc., then read on.  The purpose of the loan and your credit history will determine your interest rate and how much down payment will be necessary to qualify for a self employed loan. Note: First Time home buyers need to be able to show 12 month rental payment history.  Below this section are the Most Popular loan types for self employed.  Loan types can range from a 1 month bank statement loan to a 24 month bank statement loan.  Included will also be loans that are not bank statement centric but based on equity of property and reserves.  Our suggestion would be to first study where you may fall in terms of product types and then fill out the Get Qualified form.

Is it Time to Refinance?

If you are looking to qualify for a bank statement loan, a few fundamental core underwriting guidelines must be adhered to.  Here are the following:

  • Borrowers must be self-employed for at least 2 years.
  • Business must be in existence for at least 2 years.
  • Standard Tradelines and a 12-month housing history are required.
  • Non-Permanent Resident Aliens and Foreign Nationals are ineligible

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Self Employed Mortgage Programs for Purchase and Refinance

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Thank you for coming to and our focused platform on self employed mortgage loans.(Self Employed Mortgage Loans California)  If you are looking to purchase a property or refinance and take some cash out, then you’ve come to the right self employed source.  If you want to qualify with W2’s with only a VOE, then click on link.

If you are ready, go to our Quick Quote engine to know if you are in the ballpark.  We uncover the Non-QM banks rates, guidelines and overlays to understand if you can qualify.

Here are some fundamentals:  Most banks will have you impound your taxes. (Required).   Now, the best way to secure a self-employed type loan is to contact a licensed mortgage loan originator.  (Check Loan Originator by State).  Our suggestion would be to download our 19 things to know during the loan process.  The guide is an Insider Free Report that gives you knowledge on eliminating credit denials.  It’s a document you will not want to go without.

Should You Go With Personal Bank Statements or Business Bank Statements? (Self Employed Mortgage Loans)

Business Bank Statement Documentation is allowed under all programs.  There are things to consider however.  Transaction history printouts are not allowed.  Actual business bank statements with ALL pages.  Statements must be addressed to a DBA, or personal accounts with evidence of business expenses can be used for qualification.  2 Years in the business and 24 consecutive business bank statements.

Mortgage Loan Calculator for Self Employed

    The 19 things you need to know
    for the Self Employed Loan!


Most Popular Self Employed Mortgage Loans (Types).
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24 Month Bank Statement Loans

100% deposits on Personal, 50% Deposits on Business, Min FICO: 600, Owner and Non Owner, SFR, Condo, 2-4 Units, Second Home, IO option

12 Month Bank Statement Loans

Minimum of 620 FICO, Owner Occupied, SFR, Condo, 2-4 Units, Up to 3 million, IO Option, 12 Month Bank Statements

1 Month Bank Statement Loans

Yes.. Only 1 Month! Must Have Credit Score above 700. No Lates!, Purchase and Refi, Self Employed. No First Time Home Buyer.

No Income Verification

No Reserves, Up To 75% LTV, $3,000,000 loan amounts, Interest Only payment available, No Pre Payment Penalties, Stated Income for 1 – 4 units

Assets for Income Loans

That’s right! All based on Assets for Income! Purchase, Refi, 680 Fico, 1-2 Unit and Second Homes, 500K min Asset Amount

Stated Income Mortgage Loans

For Self Employed Only! 7/1 ARM, 650 FICO min, Interest Only Option, LTV: 75% Max, Verified Assets,SFR, Condos, Rural, 2-4 Units

Private Money Property Loans

Equity Driven, Non Owner, Commercial Properties, No Income Tax Required, Bad Credit Ok!, Max Cash Out, Get Approved Fast! Some Programs Min FICO 640 with rates high 7% to low 8%.

ITIN | Foreign National Loan

Helping People who have a tax id number but no social security number. Higher Down payment but rock solid 30 Year fixed rates

Investor Cash Flow Program

No personal income used to qualify
Qualification based on property cash flow
2 years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale,

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